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True Green's 10 tips for work

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  • Authors of True Green @ Work offer 10 tips for greener office life
  • Many are simple to archive, but small steps can make a big difference
  • Joining your workplace environmental committee a more progressive step
  • Click here for more ways to go green in the office
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(CNN) -- Being a green employer isn't just good for the environment, it could also help a business attract the best and brightest staff.

Going green in your office is easy, say the authors of 'True Green @ Work'.

Going green in your office is easy, say the authors of 'True Green @ Work'.

The 2006 Hayes Best Employer Survey showed that nearly 75 percent of 20-year-olds will not apply for a job unless if they are uncomfortable with a companies values.

And for individuals, being more environmentally minded at work is easy, says Kim McKay and Jenny Bonnin, authors of "True Green at Work".

Below are their ten tips to be greener in the office.

1) Keep a mug at work for coffee rather than using disposable cups.

2) Switch to using long-life refillable pens made from recycled plastic, paper or timber, or from fully biodegradable bioplastic (derived from cornstarch).

3) Choose recycled paper, rather than paper made from virgin timber - it makes up 70 percent of office waste.

4) Set your printer to double-sided copies to save paper.

5) Keep a paper recycling tray in addition to your waste bin.

6) Bring your own lunch to work in a reusable container to reduce packaging waste.

7) Remove your phone charger from the power point when not in use, as it continues to consume up to 40 percent of the current used to charge your phones.

8) Set your computer to sleep if you are away from your desk for more than 10 minutes, which reduces power consumption to about 5 percent of full operating power.


9) Look to maximize the natural light in your office, rather than relying on artificial light.

10) Join the environmental or sustainable committee in your workplace. If one does not exist, take the initiative and form a green task force.

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