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Michael Jackson's father seeks allowance from estate

By Alan Duke, CNN
Joe Jackson lives apart from his wife, Katherine, a main beneficiary of Michael Jackson's will.
Joe Jackson lives apart from his wife, Katherine, a main beneficiary of Michael Jackson's will.
  • Joe Jackson, who was left out of will, wants judge to give him allowance
  • Michael's mother, Katherine, Michael's children get bulk of the estate
  • Michael Jackson had publicly criticized his father's parenting skills

LOS ANGELES, California (CNN) -- Michael Jackson's father wants a judge to order the pop star's estate to pay him a monthly allowance, according to papers filed in court Friday.

Joe Jackson, the 80-year-old Jackson family patriarch, was not named in Michael Jackson's 2002 will, which left his wealth to his mother, Katherine Jackson, his three children and undisclosed charities.

Brian Oxman, Joe Jackson's lawyer, filed the petition Friday asking for him to be included in the family allowance.

The matter will be considered Tuesday when Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Mitchell Beckloff convenes the next hearing on matters related to the probate of Jackson's will, Oxman said.

The filing does not publicly specify how much Jackson's father is requesting.

Howard Weitzman, one of the lawyers for the estate's special administrators, said Joe Jackson's request "will be considered as are all requests for money from Michael's estate."

"It was quite surprising to learn of the request," Weitzman said.

Michael Jackson's mother and his three children receive a court-ordered allowance from the estate totaling more than $86,000 a month, according to court documents. The money is in addition to the maintenance of the home -- which is owned by the estate -- in Encino, California, where Katherine Jackson lives with her grandchildren, the papers said.

Although Joe and Katherine Jackson are still married, Joe Jackson lives in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Joe Jackson is credited with launching and guiding his family's show business success, but Michael Jackson had publicly criticized his father's parenting skills.

Tuesday's hearing could also see a new challenge by the Jackson family of the 2002 will.

Michael Jackson died June 25, but the probate of his will has been slowed by a series of court squabbles between Katherine Jackson's lawyers and the two men now in control of the estate.

John Branca and John McClain, who are named as executors in the will, were appointed temporary special administrators to run the estate until the process is completed.

Katherine Jackson replaced the lawyers representing her in the estate case last month with attorney Adam Streisand. Another Jackson family lawyer said the change was made because the case was about to take a "new direction" based on "new evidence" uncovered by the family.

Attorney Londell McMillan pointed to questions about the authenticity of the signature on Michael Jackson's will.

Tuesday's estate hearing will be Streisand's first appearance in the case.

A trial has been tentatively set for December to decide any challenge of the will, although Streisand said last month he expected it to be set for early next year.

The A&E network announced Friday that "The Jacksons: A Family Dynasty" television series will launch with two hours of programming on Sunday night, December 13.

Four of Michael Jackson's brothers -- all except Randy Jackson -- are involved in the show "as they prepare for a Jackson Five reunion, while also coming to terms with Michael's tragic loss," the network said.

An A&E programming executive said the "deeply intimate portrait will provide viewers with a raw and honest look inside a musical dynasty."