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Sherrill Freeborough has a disarming smile, an optimistic spirit and an uncertain future.

She owns two Saturn dealerships in the Lansing area, but will lose her partnership with General Motors in three years because the automaker is discontinuing the Saturn and Pontiac brands as part of its restructuring plan.

"I am a small business owner," Freeborough told us during a visit to one of her showrooms. "Everything I have I have put into the dealerships, my home -- everything is in the company. ... My husband still can't breathe. He still asks 'what are we doing? I thought you were just going to sell cars.'

"So, yeah, everything in my life," Freeborough said. "I can't have a bad day and go home and tell him. I have to be happy when I go home because everything we have is wrapped up in this company."

Across town, Mike Huerta is another stakeholder in the debate over General Motors' future. The unionized autoworker will be out of a job in the next few weeks. Read full article »

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