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The fugitive pilot accused of faking his own death had enough provisions to stay on the run for awhile, according to court documents filed Wednesday.

Authorities found financial manager Marcus Schrenker, who they say parachuted out of a plane while over Alabama, with deep cuts on his wrist at a campsite near Quincy, Florida Tuesday.

But the biggest clues helping authorities piece together his complex plan were what they didn't find at the site of the crashed plane.

Authorities believe Schrenker guided himself from his jump-off point to the campsite armed with pages from a 50-state road book. Authorities found the road book, with the Florida and Alabama pages missing, near the downed plane, according to a court affidavit.

The financial manager may have mapped out opportunities to hide at campsites. Authorities also found a book of campsites -- also with the Alabama and Florida pages ripped out -- near the plane, according to the affidavit. Read full article »

CNN's Brooke Baldwin, Kevin Bohn, Kathleen Johnston and Tristan Smith contributed to this report.

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