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Whether or not you count yourself as one of the millions of people who live by faith, what is undeniable is the impact of faith on society and politics throughout the world.

Some believe religion is under attack in modern society. Many others will say the lines have blurred either too much or not enough between religion and politics.

We asked readers to share their thoughts about faith and the state of religion in the world. Below is a selection of those responses, some of which have been edited for length and clarity.

Amanda Akridge of Macon, Georgia I believe our country was founded on Christianity and now we live in an anti-Christian country. Morals, faith, and family values have been pushed aside for materialism and "what feels good" antics. We can give freedom to other religions to worship; but prayer and any talks of Christ have been taken out of our schools. I say this because I am a teacher and it is heartbreaking to see what our children go through due to the lack of faith that America was founded upon. I do not have any pictures of how I worship -- I just close my eyes and pray wherever I am and as often as I can.

Thomas McCauslin of Niles, Michigan I think the lines between faith and politics have become far too blurred. If it was possible to have a Christian nation which would make being a Christian easy, would it truly be worth it? My faith is strong but I understand to truly live right as the Bible says means living against the normal grain. Because of that, I enjoy having a world that is a complete contrast of what I believe. I think religion is under attack and rightfully so because they are simply a symbol of what happens when faith and politics merge and become one single monster. Read full article »

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