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Heathrow's hidden gems

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CNN Business Traveller's new segment this week, 'Sunrise to Sunset', will uncover the hidden gems of Heathrow. We visit the airport's underground chapel and meet the resident paparazzi to talk celebrity stakeout. From one type of spotter to another, aviation enthusiasts tell us where to get the best views of landings and take-offs.

Paparazzi Corner

Heathrow says it is the only airport in the world with its own resident press. We take a look at the lives of the paparazzi based at London Heathrow, who say they have the advantage of being on the spot when someone famous jets in or out.

Heathrow Academy

Plane-spotters gather outside Heathrow Academy to note down registration numbers of aircraft.

We find the best place to plane-spot and notch up aircraft numbers (outside Heathrow Academy), while meeting some of Heathrow's most passionate aviation enthusiasts.

Airport Chapel

Since 1968, the Chapel of Saint George has provided a place of spiritual reflection for airport staff and passengers. We meet the chaplain, Sister Margaret to hear more about who passes through the chapel's doors.


Urban Retreat

Upstairs in Heathrow's Terminal One, we discover an oasis of calm amid the world's busiest airport. We take a look at what you get for $30, from massage chairs to mobile phone charging. E-mail to a friend E-mail to a friend

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