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A roundup of new lust-worthy gadgets

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( -- From waterproof iPods to geo-tagging cameras to LED flashlights, the editors at PopSci take a look at some lust-worthy goods and hottest technology. Here is a sampling of their discoveries.


This low-cost router has a range of up to 750 feet and can link up with others to form a "mesh" network.

Back it up
Polaroid Backup: Have thousands of photos on your hard drive, but always forget to back them up? Plug in this completely automatic USB storage device and have it locate, copy, and store all the images on your system with nary the push of a button. $140;

Belkin TuneStudio: Aspiring music producers and DJs now have a completely portable recording studio. This mixer lets you create four-track masterpieces, fades and all, and save the results straight to an iPod. $200-$250;

Paint-on TV screen
Vogel Mighty Brighty: Turn your wall into a theater-quality projection screen with this reflective paint. Tailor brightness and contrast to your room's lighting by adding more or less gray tint before rolling it on. $150;

Perfect stormcaster
Honeywell TN924W: One glance tells you whether to take an unbrella -- or take cover. This is the first home weather station (complete with wireless vane and rain gauge) to show federal alerts for tornadoes and more. $350;

Pod People
MetroNaps EnergyPod: Midday productivity lag? If only there were some sort of "pod" where you could take a "nap." This chair, designed for workplace power naps, has a privacy visor to block out ambient noise and rouses the sleeper after a short but energizing 20 minutes with gentle vibrations and alarms. $8,000;

Boundless wireless
Meraki Mini: Stretch your Wi-Fi to cover the whole house -- or even the whole neighborhood -- by having it leapfrog between these low-cost routers. Each has a range of up to 750 feet, and they link together to form a "mesh" network. $50 each;

Just-right light
SureFire Titan: The first dimmable LED flashlight can be a bright task lamp or a battery-saving faint glow that won't wake your bunkmate. Turn the bezel of its three-inch titanium tube, and a resistor adjusts brightness from 0 to 70 lumens. $500;

Eye spy
POV. 1: This wearable point-of-view video recorder is waterproof, dustproof and shock-resistant. There's even a button that lets you tag important shots while filming. Best of all, the camera is integrated with software and sharing capabilities, so your wicked hang-gliding trip can be instantly beamed to jealous friends. $850;

Exit strategy
Fujitsu Siemens Pocket LOOX N100: Never miss your exit on the freeway again. This GPS navigation device illustrates major highways right down to the individual lanes. Arrows show you when to switch lanes in order to nail your turn, a first among handheld GPS units. $500;

Trifecta: Transfer music, pictures and files more easily with this three-in-one multifunction memory card -- use it as an SD or micro-SD card for storage in digital cameras, cellphones and music players, or plug it into your computer via the built-in USB interface for use as a flash drive. From $28;

Pointing fingers
Logisys Optical Finger Mouse: Slip this compact mouse onto your index finger and move your cursor by running the laser along almost any surface, whether desk or denim. Use its side-mounted buttons and scrollwheel with your thumb. $30;

For even more lust-worthy goods, go to PopSci's complete list. E-mail to a friend E-mail to a friend

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