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After 18 years and 400 episodes of a show that refuses to grow old, "The Simpsons" finally graduates to a movie theater near you. It doesn't take Homer long (about two minutes) to ask the obvious question: What kind of sucker pays for something he can watch at home for free?

Thankfully this is the last time the thought will intrude on what proves to be a smooth and assured transition. Clocking in at just under an hour and a half, "The Simpsons Movie" is basically a bumper edition of the show; bigger, longer and uncut. (Newsflash: We get a passing glimpse of Bart's manhood after Homer double-dares him to skateboard through Springfield butt naked.)

Fans will be relieved, mostly. And latecomers should get an idea of why this rudely sketched animated sitcom inspires such widespread devotion. Read full article »

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