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Your e-mails: How did you vote and why?

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(CNN) -- The midterm elections are over. We asked readers how they voted and why. Here is a selection of answers, some of which have been edited for length and clarity.

William Reynolds, Middleburg, Florida
I voted republican this year because I feel the democrats don't have a clue as to what kind of agenda they will pursue if elected to office other than to cut and run in Iraq and raise taxes. I'm not too thrilled about the performance of this last Congress, but for me, it's the choice of voting for the lesser of two evils.

Tim Davis, Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania
I voted straight democratic because I want to stop the current republican behavior. They act like they not only know what's best for me, but also like they know what I'm thinking. Iraq is not the biggest issue to me, but is a good example of their behavior. President Bush believes that most Americans wanted him to go into Iraq even after learning they had no weapons of mass destruction. I did not... Other republican behaviors are denial, deceit, and defamation. They deny mistakes and personally attack anyone with a different opinion.

David Cook, Moore, Oklahoma
I am a registered republican but I voted in the following order during this cycle: Libertarian, Independent, and then and only then democrat -- any party except the Republican Party. Within the next week I will also re-register as either a Libertarian or Independent. I haven't made up my mind yet. One thing I have made up my mind about, though, is I will never vote for another republican candidate for any office. They have certainly shown their true colors with their refusal to practice fiscal discipline, secure the borders, and allow our military in Iraq to show the insurgents who is in charge.

Veeraraghavan Sunda, Dallastown, Pennsylvania
My first election voting as a U.S. citizen was a pretty smooth experience... Having disagreed with the benighted "thud and blunder" policies of this administration for the current as well as its previous terms, I had to do my best to vote against it and its apparatchiks. Yes, I consider myself part of the "Macaca Backlash."

Mark Gibb, League City, Texas
I voted for as many Libertarian candidates as I could in my district. I am also fortunate to have Ron Paul as my representative, so it was a pleasure to vote for him even though he is a republican. Paul is a strong liberatian. The best thing we could do for our society is to reduce government in every sphere of life. Libertarians want to do that.

Robert Rosen, Auburn, Washington
I live in one of the house districts considered "key," and the only one on the Pacific coast (Washington's 8th district). In 2004 I voted for the democrat in this race, but this time I voted for the incumbent republican, Dave Reichert, primarily for two reasons: 1) the local newspaper that appeared to be the least titled politically in either direction mentioned that while their staff had split in support of the Senate candidates Maria Cantwell/Mike McGavick, their support for Reichert was nearly unanimous. 2) There was a deluge of political ads here trying to link Reichert to Bush. For me, this was a turn-off.

Valerie Fulton, Bloomgington, Indiana
It was very important for me to vote in the midterm election, given the examples our nation has seen of our government's disappointing tactics of the handling of war in Iraq. Although my votes were not as educated as I would have liked them to be, there was one focus on my mind and that was to contribute to the ideal majority of voters who support placing the control of the House into the hands of the democrats.

Sydney Conrad, Polkton, North Carolina
In the state of North Carolina, we are traditionally a red state, and with this election there was the possibility for the legislature to lean blue. I thought it was important to cast my vote for several reasons. I disapprove of this administration; I disapprove of how this republican administration has manipulated Americans' feelings using religion and homosexuality. I am a manager at a retail the set minimum wage is $5.15, I am ashamed of this that I have to give my cashiers $5.15/hr. Republicans say the economy is going great, yes for corporations, while the middle class and below are suffering from debt up to their heads... This is first time that I have ever told people, those who are unsure for whom to vote, to make an uneducated vote for a democrat. I do not feel that we are all so different than what politicians make us believe.

Steve Spisak, Frankfort, Kentucky
I voted the straight democratic ticket, as I will continue to do for the rest of my life. As I get older, I get more and more sick of the mean-spirited world-view of the Republican Party, and of their belief that their occupancy of the "moral high ground" gives them the right to dictate all aspects of American society. The republican "majority" is many minorities tacked together by their appeal to the worst aspect of each of the groups.

Linda Fitts-Liberman, Durango, Colorado
I voted a pretty straight democratic ticket because I think our party has so much more to offer the middle and lower classes. The hypocrisy and pandering of the conservative republicans, and even the moderate republicans who pander to these conservatives, is so offensive to me. I have friends and neighbors who vote republican (who I adore) and I can't help thinking they have been hoodwinked.

Lena Styles, Youngsville, Louisiana
I voted republican. While I think there does need to be some changes in strategy as far as the War in Iraq is concerned, I don't believe that the democrats have any better ideas other than the cowardly "cut and run" strategy touted by John Kerry and his band of idiot supporters. My main problem with the democrats is that they criticize EVERYTHING our President does but they have absolutely no reasonable alternative solution to any of the problems they are criticizing!

Scott Trent, Lawrenceville, Georgia
I voted republican today because I think the democrats do not take the war on terror seriously. I also believe the democrats will raise taxes for everyone and the result will be a damper on our economy. I am tired of the war in Iraq; however, pulling our troops out too soon will be seen as a defeat and may embolden the Islamic extremists. No one wants another 9/11.

Todd Richards, Leonardtown, Maryland
I voted Dems across the board. I used to side with the republicans until a few years ago. I just can't get behind their (republican) way of thinking anymore. I decided to vote all Dems in order to hopefully teach my former party a lesson and come back to reality.

Tony Coulter, Johnson City, Tennessee
I voted democrat today. Specifically I chose Harold Ford Jr. over Bob Corker. My pride in our country has been compromised by the irresponsible actions by the Republican Party. The United States is no longer a beacon of just and tolerance. No longer do our leaders pursue the ongoing path to equal rights for all, not just a select few

Dan Belling, Charlotte, North Carolina
Let's just say, that as a republican, I showed my displeasure toward my party. We gave them a House/Senate/Oval Office and all they do is listen to the far right Christian coalition and spend money like its going out of style.

John Reid, Mosinee, Wisconsin
I voted to change the climate and focus in Washington. I am tired of watching the evangelical conservatives manipulate the political landscape simply to retain power. We deserve a system of checks and balances, and to discuss issues on their merits. We need less intentional polarization of the electorate.

Howard Hicks, Parkersburg, West Virginia
I am so sick and tired of the Bush administration's lies about Iraq, illegal spying, intimidation of people who disagree with it, giving preferential treatment to the rich and illegal aliens, shipping good paying jobs overseas and then claiming that the 6 million lower paying jobs created during the Bush Dictatorship are an "improvement," believing that it is above the law, and failed foreign policies that I voted a straight democratic ticket.

Michael Holmes, Colorado Springs, Colorado
I voted democrat across the board. We need a change in this country and we need a change NOW! Change needs to happen across the board, domestic policy, foreign policy, term limits, lobbyist reform, formulation of a long-term energy policy, and adherence to the constitution.

T. Wiggs, Modesto, California
I voted completely republican. The democrats can't get the job done right. They will raise taxes, and they don't have the courage to take the fight to the terrorists.

Anthony Lombard, Lovonia, Michigan
I voted democratic. It's been kind of amazing to see how easily the voting public was swindled into failing domestic and foreign policy over the threat of the things America fears the most -- homosexuality, foreign Muslims, and taxes. Not very Christ-like for this self-professed Christian nation.

Dave Wile, Baltimore, Maryland
I voted democrat, not because I think they actually have any answers, but because the GOP has too much power right now and haven't managed to do anything with it. Iraq, illegal immigration, importing jobs, and Hurricane Katrina have been disastrous for us these past few years. The course needs to be changed.

J. Humphrey, West Branch, Michigan
My vote was (hopefully) a chance to voice my opinion for much needed oversight for the Executive branch. This country cannot afford another two years of the rubber-stamp, do-nothing Congress that has taken us to hell in a hand basket for the last six years.

Bobbi Staerkel, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
I voted democratic because I believe the republicans have been taking our country down the wrong path.

Colston Roslyn, Galveston, Texas
I voted liberal any chance I could. I am just hoping that maybe the liberals can offset what the current administration has already set into motion. If there was only a republican running for an office, I simply did not vote.

Brent Dey, Atlanta, Georgia
I voted democrat because for the past six years George W. Bush and his cronies in the republican-led House and Senate have dragged this country through the mud with issues that divide us, not unite us. And a pointless war that is leaving many lives ruined - both in Iraq and the United States... not to mention the strain it has had on our national treasury and our good standing among allies.

Linda Toney, Long Beach, California
For the first time in my life I voted strictly party line -- all democrats. The current administration is so wrong on so many things, and their arrogance is what makes it most intolerable. They have to be replaced and now if we stand any chance of regaining America's image to its own citizens, much less the rest of the world.

Ed Gonzalez, Estherwood, Louisiana
Democrats scare me. So do republicans. It's a 2-headed snake, but I'm voting against democrats because I feel they've been more underhanded during the pre-election stumping AND they don't have a real plan, just more of the same.

Nila Sanders, Kansas City, Missouri
I voted my usual straight democratic ticket, but this time it had much deeper meaning for me than ever before. I added my vote to the growing number of Americans who have become disheartened at the recklessness and arrogance of the Bush administration in continuing to let our men and women in the armed services die in the Middle East.

Kevin Skoien, Eureka, Illinois
I voted republican across the board... I believe that the republicans are much closer to my core beliefs than the liberal mindset that is predominant in the Democratic Party, or in the "mainstream" media, including CNN.

Stuart Thomas, Santa Monica, California
A long-time Green Party member, one who still has no regrets about voting for Ralph Nader in 2000, I decided to vote mostly democrat this time around. It's time that everyone left of center band together and throws the right-wing out of office. Splintering the left won't help and though I don't agree with everything the democrats have to offer - it's better than "the other guys."

Ricky Pennington, Hanford, California
I voted republican. I think we need to stay the course with the troops in Iraq. I think to pull out would be a total waste of time and life. In the big picture of comparing this war with wars of the past, I think that history will paint this a success and therefore President Bush will in history come out a success.

Voters cast their ballots at a polling place Tuesday in Alexandria, Virginia.


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