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Survey: Fliers say 'carry on' less

Interactive: Poll results
Air Transportation

(CNN) -- The nation's major airlines are meeting Americans' demands, according to a recent CNN/USA Today/Gallup Poll. But the baggage their fellow passengers bring with them qualifies as a major problem.

Twenty-three percent of poll respondents who've flown commercially within the last year say that the amount of baggage people bring onto planes is a major problem, ranking ahead of long lines, seat comfort and food and beverage service.

Still, 75 percent of fliers say they are satisfied with the job the airlines are doing.

The results are based on recent telephone interviews with 1,040 American adults conducted April 1 and 2.

Of those polled, 577 said they've flown in the past 12 months. They were asked to rank their complaints as "major" or "minor." The margin of error for those responses is plus or minus 4 percent.

Chief among the complaints is waiting in line as 61 percent call it a problem; 21 percent feel it's a major problem and 40 percent consider it a minor one.

The amount of carry-on baggage brought onto planes irked 58 percent of fliers surveyed; 23 percent define it as a major problem and 35 percent as a minor problem.

Getting comfortable in flight is a problem for 58 percent of passengers polled; 18 percent find seat comfort a major problem; 40 percent a minor problem.

Fifty percent of fliers considered food and beverage service a problem; 15 percent found this a major problem, 35 percent a minor problem.

Where security screening is concerned, 49 percent have a problem; 13 percent of passengers find the requirements for going through the security checkpoint a major problem while 36 percent think it's a minor problem.

Flight cancellations and delays rate as a problem for 47 percent of travelers and 33 percent find rude and offensive passengers a problem.

Twenty-nine percent of 1,040 Americans queried, believe the air travel experience could be improved without raising ticket prices significantly; 61 percent said air travel is about as good as can be expected. Ten percent did not express an opinion. The margin of error is plus or minus 3 percent.

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