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Images show Madrid train horror

From Al Goodman
CNN Madrid Bureau Chief

One of six images published by the Spanish newspaper El Pais
Madrid (Spain)
Railway Accidents
Acts of terror

MADRID, Spain (CNN) -- For the first time since the Madrid train bombings, six images from a security video have been published showing the initial terrifying seconds after the March 11 explosions at the Atocha train station.

Spain's largest-circulation newspaper, El Pais, published the six photographs on Tuesday as an exclusive. The Interior Ministry told CNN it was surprised at the publication because the photographs remain under judicial seal as part of the investigation.

Court documents earlier viewed by CNN said a total of 10 bombs exploded on four commuter trains during the March 11 morning rush hour, killing 191 people and wounding more than 1,800.

One of the four trains was in Madrid's Atocha station, and the six photographs show a 13-second span in which three bombs exploded aboard that six-car train.

The first explosion was in car 6 of the train, the second in car 5 and the third in car 4, the court documents said.

The images were taken by a security video camera positioned about one level above the commuter train platform. Passengers climb stairs or ride an escalator to reach the station's upper level, which then leads them outside or to other trains.

The bombings exploded aboard the four trains in a period of just a few minutes. Another train bombed that day was located 500 meters (1,600 feet) from the Atocha station, near a street called Tellez. The other two trains were in the nearby Pozo and Santa Eugenia commuter train stations.

Some 55 people, including numerous Moroccans, have been charged in the bombings, which authorities blame on Islamic terrorists. About 17 suspects remain in jail. The investigation continues and no trial dates have been set.

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