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Gamers can take football to the streets

By Josh Zelman
CNN Headline News

Atlanta Falcon Michael Vick is among the players depicted in "NFL Street."

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(CNN) -- Long before NFL stars began playing in front of millions at the Super Bowl, they were airing it out in the city streets with a few buddies and even fewer pads.

Electronic Arts' "NFL Street" marks a return to that time.

Gamers battle seven on seven and don't necessarily need a patch of grass to have a great experience. From rooftops to courtyards, matches take place just about anywhere there's a ball and some running room.

Bryan Intihar, associate editor of Electronic Gaming Monthly, said this "no-holds-barred style of play" has impressive graphics, is easy to learn and lays out a solid alternative to the mainstream sport TV viewers have grown accustomed to watching Monday nights.

Gamers throw guys into walls, don't wear helmets and are not flagged for things such grabbing a face mask. Rather, they just grab a face and keep on going.

Penalties are an unknown entity.

The game might sound a tad too violent for the younger generation, but Intihar assured me it's not.

Intihar told me the only drawback to "NFL Street" is that there's not enough star power. A-list gridiron athletes such as Lawrence Taylor and Barry Sanders grace the street field, but in this case, more would be better, Intihar said.

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