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A few online games can be priceless

By Josh Zelman
CNN Headline News

America's Army
A screenshot from the U.S. Army's online game.

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Video games

(CNN) -- 2004 is here, but did you spend all your money in 2003? Don't worry. There are plenty of places to load-up on free games if you go looking in the right locations.

Sam Kennedy, editor in chief of, says one place gamers can sign up and play right away is at The games here come courtesy of the Electronic Arts franchise and include everything from sports to pinball. Kennedy says it's a "good place to play lots of mini-games."

Another site Kennedy says gamers should check out for free online gaming is at The games are similar in theme to those at (baseball, dominoes and blackjack), and the site provides an online chat feature for those who like to express themselves while hanging out in an online arcade.

Another Web site is Once again, it's Kennedy's suggestion. Here, gamers can test various titles before paying cash to make them part of their online collection. Kennedy says some games could last an hour or so. And even if the game's not great, the price might be right. Games are on the block for less than $10 a pop.

Finally, for those who have an itch to live the life of a soldier, log on to and download the good stuff. Developed by the U.S. Army, the game is so strong that people would pay full price to play it if it weren't free, Kennedy says.

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