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So you want to be a bounty hunter

Duane 'Dog' Chapman shows life on A&E show

Duane "Dog" Chapman
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Crime, Law and Justice

(CNN) -- Duane "Dog" Chapman first gained fame with the arrest of a fugitive heir in a cosmetics fortune.

Now, the bounty hunter has the spotlight focused on himself and his Hawaii-based criminal-tracking family and friends. They're in the reality series "Dog, the Bounty Hunter," premiering next week on the A&E network.

Duane "Dog" Chapman talked to CNN anchor Daryn Kagan about the show.


DUANE "DOG" CHAPMAN, STAR, "DOG, THE BOUNTY HUNTER": Good morning, Daryn. Aloha. How are you?

KAGAN: Aloha.

Do I call you dog, Mr. Dog? What do I -- what's the proper thing here.

CHAPMAN: "Dog" is fine.

KAGAN: OK, because I don't want to tick you off.

CHAPMAN: No, no. Thank you.

KAGAN: Dog is my friend.

CHAPMAN: Yes. Thank you very much.

KAGAN: You're welcome, sir.

I was doing a little background reading on you, Dog. And you're the kind of guy, or at least in your past, that you try to chase down now that you've kind of cleaned up your act.

CHAPMAN: Well, really, I'm the guy that your mother told you about, you know, not to go around.

KAGAN: You're the guy that my brother told me not to go out with?


KAGAN: Yes, that'd probably be true.


CHAPMAN: No, I'm proud to be the world's greatest bounty hunter right now, so thank you very much.

KAGAN: You're welcome.

Now how do you -- what's the trick to bounty hunting? How do you get to be one of those?

CHAPMAN: Well, you got to, number one, want to do something right for America. Number two, you probably want to, you know, be good guy versus bad guy. And you got to have a lot of faith and a lot of patience.

KAGAN: And what kind of people are you tracking down on this show?

CHAPMAN: Well, we've got all felons, from murder to burglary to possession of drugs. I don't think there's any misdemeanors. There's over 30-some people we bag and tag, as they call it, and put back in custody of the jails. Some are done in Hawaii, and some in the mainland.

KAGAN: And this isn't just you. This is you, your wife, and did I read right, you have 12 children?

CHAPMAN: Right now, all 12 of the kids are not on the show. But some of the older ones are, and my brother and, yes, my wife, Beth, and my youngest kids are my cheering section. So it is definitely a family affair.

KAGAN: And what was it like the night you came home and said, honey, I have a great idea, when you're trying to sell the idea of inviting cameras into the family?

CHAPMAN: Well, you know, we worked on this for nine or 10 years, so she was right there with me. And we had -- it was fantastic. A&E is a network with class, you know what I mean. And it was great to go home to tell her, honey, let's just go with A&E. And since we have -- we've made brothers and sisters. We've got a family right there. We feel very proud of the show. And it's a dream come true, Daryn. It's a dream come true.

KAGAN: On a serious note, though, crime fighting is a serious thing, and there are a lot of bad guys out there, about people who are concerned about vigilantism and that you could get in the way of normal law enforcement and the normal justice system. What do you say to those people?

CHAPMAN: Well, you know, you need to watch the show, because that's some of the reason we wanted to show, you know, after Andrew Luster [the Max Factor heird and convicted rapist Chapman tracked down] and not getting paid, a couple of people said, oh, he's nothing but a vigilante.


CHAPMAN: And so we said, you know what, let us show you what a vigilante really does, and let us show you the difference between a bounty hunter and vigilante. So we've done that with these shows. And I think that that word "vigilante" will be completely taken out of our definition very soon.

KAGAN: All right, we'll have to see for ourselves. Tell us, it's on A&E. You've got that plug in. When exactly can people see you and the family, Dog?

CHAPMAN: Yes, it is a Tuesday night, August 31st, at 10:00 Eastern, Pacific Time, again on A&E.

And I thank you guys much at CNN.

KAGAN: All right, you stay safe out there, Dog.

CHAPMAN: You, too. Thank you so much again.

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