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Management Masterclass

By Christine Hayhurst, Chartered Management Instituteexternal link

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Q: "I've just been promoted, but I'm worried I won't be able to handle my new responsibilities"

A: It's not uncommon for people to have doubts about whether they are really ready to take on a more demanding role, especially after the initial excitement of the offer wears off.

Relax! You were chosen because your employers believe you have the right skills for the role.

And unlike a job with a new company, you have the advantage of already being familiar with the company culture and industry jargon. This background will enable you to adjust more quickly than if you were an outsider.

The key to making your promotion successful is understanding exactly what is expected of you. Identify the criteria by which your boss, your peers and your customers will judge you.

Consider how you can develop to match the demands of the job. Will you need extra training, or can another colleague provide guidance?

Recognize that, whatever the level of the job, there will be a period during which you are "settling in", which will require both extra concentration and support.

So you should discuss the implications of the change in your position with family, because it may impact on the pattern of life which you have developed.

Work and leisure

Their support during this period will help you settle in and their views are important because work and leisure need to be balanced.

One of the most difficult tasks you may face is getting new colleagues to accept you as their boss. If you are aware that another team member wanted or expected to get your job, broach the subject to get it out into the open.

Don't be patronizing, but express the hope that you can work together on a professional basis.

At the end of your first month in your new role take time to reflect on the progress you have made and on those things to which you must pay attention.

Don't let the identification of mistakes be the occasion for self-doubt. Everyone makes mistakes; good managers learn from them, bad managers repeat them.

Be prepared for that bewildered feeling! You will have to learn many new processes.

Most people don't feel fully comfortable in their new job for at least six months, so don't worry too much too soon!

-- The Chartered Management Instituteexternal link shapes and supports the managers of tomorrow, helping them deliver results in a dynamic world. With 74,000 individual members and 500 corporate members, the Institute helps set and raise standards in management, encouraging development to improve performance.

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