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Bush brother stays out of political spotlight

Family young and old unite behind the president

From left to right: The former President George H.W. Bush, Marvin Bush and Pierce Bush.
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George W. Bush
Larry King

(CNN) -- Three generations of the Bush family sat down with CNN's Larry King on Thursday night to show their support for re-electing President Bush: the former President George H.W. Bush, his grandson Pierce Bush, and son Marvin Bush, George W. Bush's brother.

CNN'S LARRY KING: How do you feel?

PIERCE BUSH, GEORGE W. BUSH'S NEPHEW: I'm feeling great. It's really exciting to be here at the Republican convention. Just started out at a great school, Georgetown University. Very excited about that.

KING: Marvin, what kind of nephew is he?

MARVIN BUSH, GEORGE W. BUSH'S BROTHER: Pierce has been a pretty decent nephew. He came and stayed at my guest house, Larry. He was supposed to stay for the two- to three-day limit. Two, three months later, he was still there.

KING: Still there.

M. BUSH: The good thing about Pierce is he wore the same shirt every day to work for a month. It broke a family record.

P. BUSH: Keep it simple. Keep it simple.

KING: What's this like for you tonight?

GEORGE H.W. BUSH, FORMER PRESIDENT: Very emotional. I expect Marvin feels the same way. And maybe Pierce, too. But you know, it's his brother, my oldest son, and very moving for us. I think the convention's gone well. We have unlimited pride in George, and I can't wait to hear this speech. It's going to be an important speech, but he'll do well.

KING: As moving as it was four years ago, Marvin?

M. BUSH: I think this is an even more important speech, in my eyes, in that I think George has an opportunity in an unfiltered way to tell America what he's accomplished over the last four years, and what Americans can expect for the next four years. So I think the opportunity is greater. He's grown a lot. And he's really excited for tonight.

KING: Pierce, how do you feel?

P. BUSH: I feel that George W.'s done a great job the past four years. He's kept his word. And he's really fulfilled what he said he was going to do. And I think coming from a youthful man, like myself, I think kids my age respect that. And I think there's a growing movement to support George W. Bush from the younger aged kids. And I'm excited to cast my first vote for uncle George.

KING: Will you be voting?

P. BUSH: I will be voting. I'll be voting in Texas. I'm pretty sure we got that baby locked up. Still, it's going to be a huge honor to cast my first vote for my uncle George.

KING: What do you expect of Pierce in the future, Mr. President?

G.H.W. BUSH: I just want him to find the library at Georgetown, get back in those stacks and study. He'll do well in life. But he'll get a good education. And he's a hard-working kid. And he'll do well. And he does have, more so than all the other grandkids, with the possible exception of George P., a vital interest in politics, knowledge of issues. And knowledge of a lot of political people. So I'd like to see him some day get into public service, after he finds a library at Georgetown.

KING: Marvin, you're not interested in politics?

M. BUSH: You know, I'm really not. I'm interested in policy. I'm interested in a couple of politicians. Really interested in a couple of politicians. I believe that it either runs very deep in your veins, or you shouldn't be involved.

G.H.W. BUSH: Marvin is very, very close to the president. And he's given him great brotherly comfort. George would be up at Camp David, and he'll call Marvin. Marvin may have other plans. Marv, you've got to get up here. And they just, the two of them, like a couple of little kids bonding. And this is very important to our family. And very important to the president. And I think Marv loves it.

KING: Does he seek your input, too?

M. BUSH: Not really on political stuff. I think it's like my dad said, my brother's comforted by friends and family. Particularly during these difficult times. And so my sister, Doro, who lives in Maryland, I live in Virginia, we both have the opportunity to spend time with George and Laura and their friends, and the rest of our extended family. And that's really important to him.

KING: What's special, Mr. President, about the Bushes? There's something about the Bushes. It must have stemmed from your dad.

G.H.W. BUSH: Well, I don't know. I think all of them do have a sense of service to others, whether it's politics or being a point of light in a community. But I think it's just the love of a family. A binding love. Stand by your brother. Stand by your sister. If times are rough, you're in there.

KING: Family comes first?

G.H.W. BUSH: It does for me now. But I think it does to them.

KING: Does it for you, Pierce?

P. BUSH: Yes, sir, it does. Looking at my grandfather's example, I think us Bush grandchildren have a good idea of what it means to serve others. And that doesn't necessarily mean just in the political arena. For example, my sister Lauren is doing something with the World Food Program through the U.N. And I think that's a great way to go out and serve the nation and serve the world community. And I'm very impressed with her. I think kids in our family understand that sense through my grandfather's example.

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