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Martha Stewart: This Christmas 'saddest holiday ever'

Martha Stewart: 'It's an unwelcome time for me; very unwelcome.'
Martha Stewart: 'It's an unwelcome time for me; very unwelcome.'

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(CNN) -- Embattled domestic diva Martha Stewart predicted this Christmas would be "the saddest holiday ever," and ruminated on her legal woes, whether she will remarry and her wealth, during an interview to be aired Monday night on CNN's "Larry King Live."

Stewart has pleaded not guilty to charges of conspiracy, securities fraud, obstruction of justice and making false statements in connection with her sale of 3,900 shares of ImClone stock. Her trial is slated to begin next month.

"It's the saddest holiday ever," Stewart said in an interview that was taped Saturday. "It's an unwelcome time for me; very unwelcome."

Stewart, who parlayed a knack for homecraft into a multimedia industry, said she had not been prepared for the stress that accompanied her legal problems.

"No one is ever prepared for such a thing. ... And no one is ever strong enough for such a thing. You have no idea how much worry and sadness and grief it causes."

Stewart said she has had to steel herself -- with the help of her lawyers -- not to become consumed with anger. "You can't let that get to you because then, again, your functionality, your daily chores can't get done. ... And my legal team has inspired me to behave in an appropriate fashion."

Stewart said her social life also has taken a hit.

"I have not the time to do the more frivolous things that I once was able to do because I'm busy with all of this," she said. "But I still enjoy the things I've always enjoyed."

Nevertheless, the 62-year-old divorcee said, "I'd like to find time to marry again."

Though she grew up in a modest household in New Jersey, the daughter of a schoolteacher and a pharmaceutical salesman, Stewart said her subsequent wealth has not changed her much.

"My priorities have kind of remained the same. And other than having a few more luxuries than I might have had, my life is the same. I still have my chickens. I now have added canaries to my life. ... I do have giant cages on my porch filled with canaries who just breed happily."

This year, she said, her Christmas season has been "a little more low key than usual. ... I generally have a Christmas party, but this year, I'm only having a small family party."

Stewart credited her religious beliefs with helping her get through her travails.

"I have a way to reach out and I think that helps a lot. ... I visit every church and cathedral wherever I am. It might be an unorthodox way to pray the way I pray. But I have my good thoughts."

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