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Postell: 'It's just in a day's work'


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Emily Lyons, a victim of the Birmingham clinic bombing in 1998, on her experience.
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CNN Legal Analyst Jeffrey Toobin on what comes after Rudolph's arrest.
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A man officials say they believe is Eric Robert Rudolph is arrested in Murphy, North Carolina.
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January 29, 1998 - Bombing at New Woman All Women Clinic in Birmingham, Alabama. One killed, one injured.

February 21, 1997 - Bombing at Otherside Lounge, a lesbian nightclub in Atlanta. Four injured. Second bomb found before it detonates.

January 16, 1997 - Bombing of a women's clinic in Sandy Springs, an Atlanta suburb. A second bomb explodes. Seven injured.

July 27, 1996 - Bomb explodes in Olympic Centennial Park, 1:20 a.m., One killed, more than 100 injured. A Turkish cameraman dies of a heart attack as he rushes to photograph the scene.
FBI's Ten Most-Wanted list: Rudolph external link

• 2001: Where's Rudolph? 

MURPHY, North Carolina (CNN) -- Centennial Olympic Park bombing suspect Eric Robert Rudolph was arrested early Saturday morning by Officer Jeff Postell, a 21-year-old rookie on the Murphy, North Carolina, police force.

Postell described the arrest to reporters at a Saturday news conference.

REPORTER: Did you know it was Eric Rudolph?

POSTELL: No, sir, I didn't. I was under the impression I had a potential breaking and entering, or a prowler, in that area.

REPORTER: Walk us through step by step, if you would, about what happened this morning.

POSTELL: Okay. I was on patrol in the east part of town, doing business checks at one of the shopping centers. Came around the corner, turned my headlights off. That's how you usually proceed around the building. Observed a male subject squatted down in the middle of the road as I approached. He observed me and took off running and got in behind some milk crates, which were stacked up here.

Not knowing who it was or what he had, I took safety into concern and advised him to come out. He complied to everything I asked him to do.

REPORTER: Officer, how do you feel now, in retrospect, knowing -- I know it was -- I don't want to say it was routine, but you go through this a lot. In retrospect, you captured one of the most wanted fugitives in this country.

POSTELL: It's just in a day's work. Don't really deserve any credit. Just doing what I'm -- what I was hired to do.

REPORTER: How long have you been on the job?

POSTELL: I've been on the job for nearly a year, sir.

REPORTER: What did he do after you stopped him?

POSTELL: He had no ID on him and he gave he supplied me a name. That's about all I can comment.

REPORTER: What was his demeanor like?

POSTELL: He was very cooperative, not a bit -- not a bit disrespectful. Very respectful.

REPORTER: Officer, there's a big reward out on this case for the person who captured Eric Rudolph. Do you think you deserve that reward?

POSTELL: I'm not going to comment. Like I said, I was doing what I was supposed to be doing.

REPORTER: How old are you?

POSTELL: I'm 21.

REPORTER: Did it ever dawn in your mind this might be Eric Robert Rudolph? Did you ever think you might run into him?

POSTELL: I never had that impression. ... However, there was a deputy sheriff there that stated he struck a very similar resemblance to Mr. Rudolph.

REPORTER: Officer, I know you're just doing your job, but you've got to feel something inside you about capturing him.

POSTELL: I think I've put a lot of people's feelings at ease, a lot of stress that was involved in this situation. It's a closure to it, I believe. And that's -- like I said, that's about it. I was -- I'm just glad I was out there doing my job and glad I was in the right place at the right time.

REPORTER: What do you think about all this media attention?

POSTELL: It's different. It's real different, not used to it.

REPORTER: What was your reaction when they said, this is the guy?

POSTELL: Nervous. Relieved. Basically that.

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