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IDF: Arms workshops destroyed in Rafah

Palestinian children play in a destroyed workshop in Rafah
Palestinian children play in a destroyed workshop in Rafah  

RAFAH, Gaza (CNN) -- Israeli army troops in dozens of tanks and armored vehicles moved into the town of Rafah in southern Gaza early Friday, with support from at least one Israeli helicopter, Palestinian sources said.

The Israel Defense Forces said the overnight operation has ended.

The Israeli forces blew up six workshops that manufactured weapons and arrested several Palestinians wanted by Israel, according to the IDF.

The operation comes a day after two rockets were fired from Gaza into Israel. One of the rockets struck a home, but no one was injured.

Palestinian sources said Israeli troops went into the Brazil neighborhood in northern Rafah, at first firing into the air, with gunfire seen from at least one Israeli helicopter flying overhead.

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One 27-year-old man was reported killed in a gun battle that ensued, and at least five others were reported injured, the sources said.

The sources said the Israeli forces occupied several houses.

Israeli troops came under attack from an anti-tank missile, an explosive device, hand grenades and gunfire, the IDF said.

None of the troops was injured.

The IDF said it was responding to recent attacks on its soldiers.

Gaza has seen an increased Israeli military presence over the past week . Last Thursday, two Israeli soldiers were killed in two separate attacks in Gaza.

-- CNN Correspondent Martin Savidge contributed to this report.




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