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Murdered girls remembered

Holly and Jessica
Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman  

ELY, England -- Mourners have packed into a southern English cathedral to remember the lives of murdered schoolgirls Jessica Chapman and Holly Wells.

More than 2,000 invited guests packed into the 900-year-old cathedral at Ely, near Cambridgeshire, for the private service.

The bodies of Holly and Jessica, both 10, were found on August 17 -- 13 days after they disappeared from their home town of Soham, near Ely.

Caretaker Ian Huntley, 28, has been charged with their murders and his girlfriend Maxine Carr, 25, face attempting to pervert the course of justice charges. Both lived in Soham and Carr was a teaching assistant at the girls' school. (In court)

Holly's father, Kevin, read from a poem he wrote himself, his voice unfaltering as he remembered his daughter.

"Attentive and caring, a parent's delight but so young at heart, needing comfort at night.

"The garden so quiet, the house is too, but pausing for a moment we can still sense you.

"Our memories, now shared, with the nation's hearts, small crumbs of comfort, now it is time to part.

"We will never forget you, heaven's gain, as it knows, is simply you Holly, our beautiful Soham rose."

The congregation was asked to "celebrate" the lives of the schoolgirls whose lives were tragically cut short.

And Reverend Tim Alban Jones, of St Andrew's Church, Soham, warned the congregation not to let the murders cast a shadow over the town's children.

He said: "Would not the best and most lasting memorial to these two lovely girls be a change for the better in how we behave to each other?

"Jessica and Holly were two trusting and loving girls and the way they lived is surely the right pattern for us.

"The very worst thing that could happen as a result of what took place in Soham is that a whole generation of children should grow up without being able to trust anyone.

"We must not raise our children to live in an atmosphere of constant fear and suspicion, where everyone is mistrusted."


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