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Survivors describe crash horror

KIEV, Ukraine -- Many victims were killed instantly as the Russian-made Sukhoi Su-27 fighter jet crashed in a huge fireball at the airshow in the Ukrainian city of Lviv .

Russia's NTV television showed pictures of survivors with with burns and bleeding wounds on their heads, apparently having been hit by parts of the plane.

People were screaming in panic and ambulances raced the dead and injured to nearby hospitals.

"I could only grab children hold on. We were thrown away and hands and legs were flying all around us," one spectator told Reuters news agency. Both he and his child were injured.

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"There were dozens of bodies," a Reuters Television journalist said from the scene.

Parents frantically searched for missing children and were asking that officials use the public address system to call out their names.

"There were fragments of people lying by the plane," said Roman Andreiko, a local television executive who hid with his family behind a truck when the disaster happened.

"There were clouds of smoke. People were in shock," he told Reuters.

A black-robed priest offered words of consolation to distraught onlookers.

About 20 ambulances were used to help the victims and to ferry them to local hospitals.

"The fire has been extinguished, but there's lots of blood," Oleksandr Kachkovskyi, an aide to the head of the Lviv regional administration, told The Associated Press.




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