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Atika Shubert: Tourists were targeted

Debris litters the scene of Saturday's blasts on the Indonesian island of Bali. More than 180 people were killed.
Debris litters the scene of Saturday's blasts on the Indonesian island of Bali. More than 180 people were killed.

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KUTA, Indonesia (CNN) -- Indonesian government officials are calling attacks on two nightclubs on the tourist island of Bali the work of terrorists, with Indonesia's police chief labeling it "the worst act of terrorism in the country's history."

The attacks Saturday night killed more than 180 people, many of them Australian tourists.

CNN Correspondent Atika Shubert talked Sunday with CNN anchor Carol Lin by telephone from Bali.

SHUBERT: It's been a horrific day. ...

Indonesian President Megawati Sukarnoputri visited the hospital and the blast site. She didn't make any comments to press, but she was clearly very upset by what she saw.

She came with her chief security minister as well the national police chief, who did come out making a statement that this is an act of terrorism, something that they condemned, and they said they would take firm action against it.

LIN: Atika, this is -- what -- the seventh explosion in the last three weeks in Indonesia? Was there additional security, knowing that this was a heavily trafficked area, especially for foreigners?

SHUBERT: It is true. This is a very heavily trafficked area. But you have to understand, Bali has always been considered the haven of peace and tranquillity despite the political instability that we've seen over the years in Indonesia, and this is one of the reasons why people here find it so shocking that Bali could be a target.

In terms of the other blasts around Indonesia, we are not sure yet what all the connections were between the various blasts. We do know that there was a grenade blast last month that appeared to target the U.S. Embassy's facilities. There is some thought now, looking into whether or not that blast was connected to what we saw here in Bali.

But certainly, even though [there has been] increased security at U.S. Embassy facilities in the last month, there really wasn't that much in the way of tourists, and this is the first attack that we've seen against tourists.

And this is by far the worst terrorist attack Indonesia has ever seen, and it could be the deadliest attack since September 11.

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