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Bali blasts -- A horrific scene

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(CNN) -- Deadly explosions have rocked a popular tourist district on the Indonesian island of Bali.

Casualties are high with more than 150 killed, many of them international tourists, and the toll is expected to rise.

Authorities are investigating whether the blast and two others Saturday were the work of terrorists.

CNN International anchor Marina Kolbe spoke with CNN correspondent Atika Shubert who is in Bali.

KOLBE: Atika, you've been to the hospital, you've been to the scene, what can you tell us?

SHUBERT: Marina, I'm at the hospital, quite near the burns unit. As you can imagine the explosions have left many injured with severe burns all over their bodies.

It's a very emotional and horrific scene here at the hospital. We spoke to one of the volunteers earlier who was in the middle of an operation on a very severe burns case.

There are not enough doctors to take care of the burns cases. They have put out an appeal for anybody who is in the area to please come in and help in any way.

There are families and friends desperately trying to find their loved ones. But it's been very difficult because in addition to the high number of injured, there is also more than 150 people dead.

Unfortunately, it has been very difficult to identify those who have died. Many of the bodies have been charred beyond recognition and only three victims have been identified so far.

Most of the people have not been able to find their friends or relatives.

In one case, I have seen rugby officials trying to locate members of their team. They have not found one person yet.

KOLBE: What about the scene at the blast?

SHUBERT: We understand that most of the bodies have been cleared from the scene, however they are still bringing them into hospitals.

The club that was targeted, the Sari club in Kuta Beach, is almost totally destroyed, gutted by fire.

We know it was in an area that is extremely popular for tourists. The Sari club was particularity popular for tourists, often jam packed with Americans, French, British and Australians as well as other tourists.

This would seem it would have been the target, the nightlife atmosphere that is very popular in Bali.

KOLBE: The evidence is pointing to a possible terrorist attack, what are you hearing from Indonesia?

SHUBERT: Certainly, this was a bomb explosion -- there is no doubt about that. At this point police are working towards identifying what type of bomb it was. They say it was possibly a car bomb.

But police so far are stopping short from saying it's a terrorist act, instead saying it's purely a criminal act.

However, obviously for the victims and their families that's very difficult to swallow right now.

It certainly has all the appearances of a terrorist act, we just have to wait and see if the police and the government are willing to confirm that.

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