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Joan Jett describes entertaining troops

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Joan Jett and her band play for U.S. troops stationed in Afghanistan.
Joan Jett and her band play for U.S. troops stationed in Afghanistan.

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CNN's Kyra Phillips interviews rock singer Joan Jett who is performing for American troops stationed at Kandahar, Afghanistan (September 25)
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KANDAHAR, Afghanistan (CNN) -- Rock star Joan Jett is in Afghanistan, where she performed for U.S. troops participating in "Operation Enduring Freedom."

She described the experience Wednesday in an interview with CNN's Kyra Phillips.

CNN: It looks like you still got it, my friend, still a sex symbol and entertaining the troops out there, how are they responding to you?

JETT: Oh, they are responding really, really wonderfully. They have been just great, taking great care of us, and it is amazing to be here.

CNN: What are the songs, Joan, that they tell you they want to hear?

JETT: They want to hear "I Love Rock 'n' roll," they want to hear "Crimson and Clover," they want to hear -- you know, the hits.

CNN: And you know, we all grew up together listening to your music. I think that is the best way to put it. What have they wanted to ask you about, and talk to you about?

JETT: Oh my gosh, it really -- it is such a wide variety of questions and -- I mean, stories, everything from seeing various people all over the country, many people I have seen for years that have maybe seen concerts years ago, or they will just tell me various stories, just -- you know, sort of just small talk, and all the stories are different, and we just have a good time chatting and just reminiscing about home.

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CNN: So what do you tell them, Joan, how do you encourage them and let them know that you are behind them?

JETT: Well, I hope that they know that just by the fact that we are here and our presence, and I think that they just want to hear the rock 'n' roll, a little taste of home, and a little taste of America, and just seeing a few civilians is always nice.

So we like to just make sure that we let them know that we know they are here, and it's really important what they are doing, and we are very proud of them, and we thank them for fighting for our freedom.

CNN: And you have done a lot of singing and talked about freedom and being yourself, and you traveled the world and you've met so many people, what do you think you're going to take away from this trip? What are you going to bring back home that is going to mean a lot to you?

JETT: Well, I think just being able to be in a place like Afghanistan and see what it is like -- I mean, it is surreal being here, it is one thing seeing it on the news, but actually being here and experiencing it, I think sometimes it is something that a lot of Americans should see, because then they are able to be much more grateful for where they live in America because we have such an amazing, wonderful country, and I think a lot of times, people aren't always aware of that.

CNN: Joan Jett performing for the troops in Kandahar, thanks for being with us.

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