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Bridge disasters in the United States

(CNN) -- An undetermined number of people are missing after a barge struck a bridge Sunday over the Arkansas River along Interstate 40 in eastern Oklahoma. Here's a list of other U.S. bridge disasters:

  • Silver Bridge, West Virginia/Ohio -- A suspension bridge over the Ohio River connecting Point Pleasant, West Virginia, to Kanauga, Ohio, collapsed December 15, 1967, during evening rush hour. Forty-six people died.
  • Sunshine Skyway, Florida -- On May 9, 1980, a freighter hit the Sunshine Skyway in the Tampa-St. Petersburg area. Thirty-five people, most of them in a Greyhound bus, fell 150 feet to their deaths.
    Barge hits Oklahoma bridge 

  • Mianus River Bridge, Connecticut -- A 100-foot section of the Mianus River Bridge on Interstate 95 in Greenwich collapsed June 28, 1983, killing three people and critically injuring three others.
  • Schoharie Creek Bridge, New York -- Two spans of an Interstate 90 bridge crossing Schoharie Creek near Amsterdam, New York, collapsed April 5, 1987. Ten people died when four cars and a tractor-trailer plunged into the water.
  • Arroyo Pasajero bridges, California -- Seven people died when twin Interstate 5 bridges over the Arroyo Pasajero collapsed March 10, 1995, near Coalinga, California.
  • Queen Isabella Causeway, Texas -- Eight people died when four barges and a tugboat struck the Queen Isabella Causeway -- the only bridge to South Padre Island, Texas -- on September 15, 2001.




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