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And the Oscar will go to ... ?

And the Oscar will go to ... ?

(CNN) -- Denzel or Russell? Halle or Sissy? "Rings," "Mind" or "Moulin Rouge"?

By most accounts, this is one of the most competitive -- and unpredictable -- Academy Awards races in years. No one movie dominated critics' year-end lists, and the ensuing awards season has only succeeded in scrambling the signals further, with the alphabet soup of the AFI, DGA, PGA and SAG awards -- not to mention the Golden Globes.

So what -- or who -- is going to win?

Into the breach plunge our CNN critics, Paul Clinton and Paul Tatara, with their Oscar picks. Our Pauls can be a contentious pair, and when it comes to Oscar, they come out with their critical faculties turned up to 11. After all, we are talking Oscar here.

Read on to find out their predictions for taking home the gold.

Click here to read Paul Clinton's Oscar predictions.

Click here to read Paul Tatara's Oscar predictions.



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