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LONDON (CNN) -- Global response to the attacks on Afghanistan ranges from support, to silence, to outrage. The following are quotes from around the world:

British Prime Minister Tony Blair talks to reporters about the military campaign underway in Afghanistan (October 7)

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French president Chirac talks to his country about the fight against terrorism (October 7)

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"None of the leaders involved in this action want war. None of our nations want it. We are a peaceful people. But we know that sometimes, to safeguard peace, we have to fight. Britain has learned that lesson many times before in our history. We only do it if the cause is just." -- British Prime Minister Tony Blair.

"We regret that diplomatic efforts to convince Taliban leadership to respond to the international demands did not succeed ... Pakistan did whatever it could to convince the Taliban leadership of the gravity of the situation and take the right decisions in the interest of the Afghan people.

"We also hope that the operations will end soon and a concerted international effort will be undertaken to promote national reconciliation and help Afghanistan with economic reconstruction." -- Pakistani government statement.

"We see in the United States the leader of this campaign, and we shall not do anything that may frustrate or endanger the campaign itself ... We feel part and parcel of this campaign, and, if it should be asked, everything will be considered, seriously and positively." -- Israeli Defense Minister Shimon Peres, speaking in an interview for CNN's Larry King Live.

"These brutal attacks are as horrendous, terrorist acts as any in the world. America has always chosen the military approach .. the Afghans will rise against the new colonialist." -- Taliban Ambassador to Pakistan Abdul Salam Zaeef.

The attacks "were carried out without regard to world public opinion and particularly the Islamic countries. These attacks will result in loss of life among civilians, and, therefore, they are not acceptable." -- Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Hamid Reza Asefi.

"What America did today is that it had targeted a country and people who are among the poorest in the world. Anybody would condemn this attack, not because it's coming from America or because it's against Muslims and a Muslim country -- but because it was done outside the framework of international law and because America didn't present a convincing proof against those it accuses of terrorism." -- Iraqi government statement.

"The fight against terrorism is a fight that is complex, difficult and that has to be played on several fronts. It is not just a military fight ... for this action facing us, the French are united ... We are all united." -- French President Jacques Chirac.

"We are part of an unprecedented coalition of nations that has come together to fight the threat of terrorism ... Canada will be part of this coalition every step of the way." -- Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien.

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