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Thousands rally for G8 protester

Giuliani was shot dead by police in Genoa
Giuliani was shot dead by police in Genoa  

ROME, Italy -- Tens of thousands of people have taken to the streets in Italy to protest against the use of police force that left one person dead and more than 230 injured at the G8 summit in Genoa.

There were no immediate reports of serious violence during marches in Rome, Genoa, Florence, Bologna, Palermo and a host of other smaller cities across Italy.

"Carlo - your blood is our blood," read a banner carried at a march in Rome. Many of the protesters wore bulls-eye motifs to show police where they could aim.

Demonstrators threw eggs at police headquarters in the southern city of Taranto and bags of red paint at police headquarters in Naples.

The largest crowd was in Rome, where more than 40,000 people marched along central streets holding banners and led by a number of leftists politicians.

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"Killers, killers," the protesters shouted as police in riot gear and with tear gas canisters at the ready kept watch near the central Via del Corso.

The crowd in Rome was bigger than expected and spilled out of a small square that had been slated for a closing rally.

The protesters in Rome locked arms and symbolically circled the grassy roundabout in central Piazza Venezia, bringing traffic to a halt.

Some 10,000 people protested peacefully in Genoa, where last weekend about 200,000 people took the streets during the Group of Eight (G8) summit of world leaders.

One protester, Carlo Giuliani, 23, was killed by a police bullet when he and other demonstrators attacked a police van.

Giuliani, bending over (obscured by person in foreground), wearing a white shirt and dark pants,  picking up a red canister (top) and lying on the ground after being shot
Giuliani, bending over (obscured by person in foreground), wearing a white shirt and dark pants, picking up a red canister (top) and lying on the ground after being shot  

Police and government figures said the officer who fired the shot was acting in self-defence.

The protesters demanded the resignation of Interior Minister Claudio Scajola, a senior figure in the conservative Forza Italia party led by Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi.

The opposition centre-left Olive Tree bloc, which lost a general election to Berlusconi last May, has put forward a formal no-confidence motion against Scajola in parliament.

In Athens, Greece, one man was injured and three others were briefly detained on Tuesday when anti-globalisation protesters clashed with police, Reuters reports officials as saying.

Riot squads used tear gas to disperse a crowd of about 800 people after a fringe group at the tail of the march attacked police with stones, sticks and bottles before reaching the Italian embassy, they said.

The march was organised in protest at Giuliani's killing.

During the summit in Genoa, police arrested 280 protesters, many of them foreign nationals.

Amnesty International has urged Italy to respect the rights of protesters detained and allow them access to lawyers and relatives.

The London-based international human rights organisation said some foreign nationals arrested in Genoa had not yet been allowed to contact their consulates, lawyers or families.

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