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Hyder on reported strike on Herat airport

(CNN) -- CNN Correspondent Kamal Hyder is in Afghanistan as the United States' and Great Britain's joint military campaign begins. His exact location is undisclosed for his protection.

Initial reports were of strikes primarily in the Kabul and Kandahar areas. But CNN's Matthew Chance reported Northern Alliance accounts of attacks in other cities, including Mazar-e Sharif in the north and Jalalabad in the east.

Three hours and 15 minutes into the action, Hyder spoke to CNN's Aaron Brown by telephone about reports of a key strike in the northwestern city of Herat on the Hari River. Herat has a population of more than 170,000 people and is the site of an ancient citadel, once known as Aria.

HYDER: We just have news that an oil dump or depot on the airport in Herat was hit.

The timing of this attack was possibly the same as on Kabul and Kandahar, but news is coming out slowly because of the lack of communications infrastructure.

But that news is now being confirmed from Herat about a huge explosion, possibly from a hit at the airport.

Herat is in the western part of Afghanistan, close to the Iranian border.

We are also trying to keep a watch on Jalalabad [in the east of the country], where there were reports of at least three huge explosions and at least two aircraft seen above the city. That was at or after 9 p.m.

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