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Pentagon releases list of mobilized units

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- The Pentagon released Thursday a list of the first Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve units to be called up as part of Operation Noble Eagle.

Noble Eagle is the operation set up to provide homeland defense in the aftermath of last week's terrorist attacks in New York and Washington. The initial call-up includes 5,131 National Guard and Reservists from 29 units and 24 states. A total of 35,000 are expected to be called to duty.

"No other single action more clearly demonstrates the national resolve than to mobilize the National Guard and Reserve forces of America," said Craig Duehring, principal deputy assistant secretary of Defense for Reserve Affairs.

There are a total of 1.3 million men and women in the U.S. Reserve units. The affected units are listed below.

Air Force Reserve

917th Bomb Wing, Bossier City, Louisiana -- 373 personnel

434th Air Refueling Wing, Kokomo, Indiana -- 644 personnel

916th Air Refueling Wing, Goldsboro, North Carolina -- 337 personnel

970th Airborne Air Control Squadron, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma -- 231 personnel

Air National Guard

144th Fighter Wing Fresno, California -- 231 personnel

140th Fighter Wing Denver, Colorado -- 100 personnel

103rd Air Control Squadron, Orange, Connecticut -- 260 personnel

113th Fighter Wing, Washington, D.C. -- 100 personnel

125th Fighter Wing, Jacksonville, Florida -- 133 personnel

116th Bomber Wing, Macon, Georgia -- 30 personnel

117th Air Control Squadron, Savannah, Georgia -- 260 personnel

183rd Fighter Wing, Springfield, Illinois -- 100 personnel

134th Air Control Squadron, Wichita, Kansas -- 127 personnel

159th Fighter Wing, New Orleans, Louisiana -- 100 personnel

102nd Fighter Wing, Falmouth, Massachusetts -- 161 personnel

127th Wing, Mount Clemens, Michigan -- 100 personnel

148th Fighter Wing, Duluth, Minnesota -- 181 personnel

255th Air Control Squadron, Gulfport, Mississippi -- 260 personnel

120th Fighter Wing, Great Falls, Montana -- 131 personnel

150th Fighter Wing, Albuquerque, New Mexico -- 100 personnel

119th Fighter Wing, Fargo, North Dakota -- 143 personnel

177th Fighter Wing, Atlantic City, New Jersey -- 189 personnel

173rd Fighter Wing, Klamath Falls, Oregon -- 100 personnel

142nd Fighter Wing, Portland, Oregon -- 163 personnel

116th Air Control Squadron, Warrenton, Oregon -- 127 personnel

147th Fighter Wing, Houston, Texas -- 134 personnel

109th Air Control Squadron, Salt Lake City, Utah -- 127 personnel

192nd Fighter Wing, Richmond, Virginia -- 50 personnel

158th Fighter Wing, Burlington, Vermont -- 139 personnel

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