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Anderson Cooper 360
ac sot cooper ridiculist deflategate_00002729.jpg

Since the controversy over the deflated balls used by the New England Patriots erupted, the scandal has given comedians plenty of material.
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New Day
MILWAUKEE, WI - APRIL 03:  Republican presidential candidate, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney speaks to supporters at an election-night rally April 3, 2012 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. According to early results, Romney is projected to win the D.C, Maryland and Wisconson primaries today with a total of 98 delegates at stake (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

John King, Margaret Talev and Chris Moody discuss Mitt Romney's upcoming phone call with donors, where he will likely announce his plans for 2016.
The Situation Room
tsr dnt starr isis hostage video_00000302.jpg

ISIS is threatening to kill two hostages unless the Jordanian government releases a female prisoner accused in a string of bombings. Barbara Starr reports.
New Day
View from my desk before we head out onto the streets for tonight's #cnnsnow coverage in NYC

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio says the subway system and roads will reopen soon after snowfall wasn't as large as predicted.
CNN Tonight
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"CNN Tonight's" Don Lemon and his panel discuss whether a locker room attendant could have deflated the balls during the New England and Indianapolis Colts playoff game.
The Lead with Jake Tapper
lead dnt starr drone at white house_00005011.jpg

The person operating the drone that crashed on the White House grounds called the U.S. Secret Service to "self-report" their involvement in the incident.
New Day
newday northeast winter weather_00000524.jpg

The National Weather Service is using terms like "life-threatening" and "historic" to describe the weather system taking aim at the Northeast.
Early Start
early ripley isis japan hostage voice_00020714.jpg

Japan is working to rescue its remaining citizen being held by ISIS after a video suggests that the other hostage was killed. CNN's Will Ripley has more.
sotu smerconish rep adam kinzinger rep ruben gallego american sniper_00012423.jpg

Michael Smerconish talks to two congressmen, and veterans, Rep. Adam Kinzinger and Rep. Ruben Gallego, about the popular film "American Sniper".