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The Lead with Jake Tapper

Fifth graphic Planned Parenthood video released

A new video released by anti-abortion activists allegedly shows a Planned Parenthood official discussing the possibility of altering an abortion procedure to better preserve fetal tissues and organs for medical research. CNN's Joe Johns reports.
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The Situation Room

Which GOP candidates will make the debate?

The first Republican debate is set for Thursday, but only the top 10 GOP candidates will make the cut to be apart of it. CNN's Athena Jones takes a look at who may make the cut.
Recovered animal heads at the Wildlife Repository for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in Denver, Colo. on June 4, 2015.

Exotic animal trade exposed

Near Denver's abandoned Stapleton International Airport sits what's probably the most macabre collection of property owned by the U.S. government. CNN's Drew Griffin reports.
File photo: The missing Malaysia Airlines 777 airliner, photographed in Australia in 2010.
The Situation Room

New report suggests deliberate act in MH370 cockpit

A preliminary assessment by U.S. intelligence agencies suggested it was likely someone in the cockpit deliberately directed the MH370's movements to go off course before the Malaysian airliner disappeared.