In 24 Hours

In CNN International's monthly travel series, "In 24 Hours," James Williams takes audiences on a quest for new and exciting high-end experiences in vibrant cities.
Morning in Miami Beach
Miami: sun, sea and seafood
An insider look at Miami's music industry
James Williams explores Ireland's Fair City
Inside the world of Ireland's rugby union
Charting Ireland's history through its words
Bangkok: A modern metropolis
Bangkok: A city of stories
The view from Bangkok
The best maple syrup taffy in Montreal
Dog-sledding in Montreal
Montreal: Ice hockey and Cirque du Soleil
Canadian cool: Quebec City's Hotel de Glace
Barcelona: the magical capital of Catalonia
Uncover the treasures of Catalan cuisine
Stars and guitars in Barcelona
Short cut: A quick guide to Barcelona
Cape Town
Truth Coffee: Cape Town's steampunk cafe
Cage diving with sharks in Cape Town
Cape Town: Top cuisine in the Mother City
Mountains and music in Cape Town
Marrakech: where nature meets internationalism
Discover creative Marrakech
Camels and glamor in Marrakech
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