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Seoul's saunas: The 3 best jjimjilbangs for a spa experience

Rachel Han, CNNPublished 12th July 2017
Unwind in Seoul's best spas
(CNN) — Once a place for quiet relaxation, Seoul's jjimjilbangs are increasingly becoming social hubs for couples, friends and families.
These three Seoul saunas offer a range of detox options that range from purification to anti-aging.

1. Dragonhill Spa

Dragonhill Spa is one of the most famous Seoul saunas. The spa boasts eight floors fully equipped with various destressing zones and entertainment features, from fitness areas, spas, saunas, rooftop gardens and restaurants. It even has a movie theater.
The spa can get crowded on weekends. Nevertheless, it's the first place to check out when it comes to Seoul-style jjimjilbang.

2. Spa Lei

Cute cafes and fancy restaurants are not the only thing Sinsa-dong has to offer. Spa Lei caters to females searching for a relaxing space where they don't have to worry if they have the latest "it" bags or if their makeup is still intact.
This stylish jjimjilbang is an all-girl's paradise. From nail treatments, an outdoor cafe to powder rooms and small shops for jewelry and lingerie, Spa Lei mixes up beauty, workout, health and girl talk into one package.

3. The Spa in Garden 5

The Spa in Garden 5 is one of the newest Seoul spas and it's got one of the best views. Located on the 10th floor of Garden 5 shopping center, this modern spa offers the well-known features showcased at other jjimjilbangs, with extras like a library, arcade, internet cafe and yoga classes.
Editor's note: This article was previously published in 2011. It was reformatted and republished in 2017.