Man proposes to girlfriend in-flight

By A. Pawlowski, CNNUpdated 24th October 2011
Arvin Shandiz presents Alexandra Williams with a ring on board a flight from Chicago to New York on Friday.
Romance and flying rarely go together anymore, unless you fall in love 35,000 feet above ground and get engaged in-flight.
Alexandra Williams and Arvin Shandiz met on a Delta Air Lines shuttle from New York to Chicago in 2010, CNN affiliate WGN reported.
"I was enamored with her from day one and I was like, I'm going to spend the rest of my life with her," Shandiz told the station.
"I would joke with her and tell her that when we get engaged, it'll happen on a Delta flight."
And that's exactly what happened.
On Friday, in the middle of a flight from Chicago's O'Hare International to New York's LaGuardia Airport, Shandiz suddenly addressed a visibly shocked Williams over the plane's intercom (with the airline's permission) as other passengers looked on.
The proposal was captured on a video posted on YouTube.
"From the moment I met her that night, I knew that I never wanted to spend a second without her," Shandiz announced as Williams rocked in her seat with emotion. "Would you marry me?"
The cabin erupted in applause as Williams said yes. Shandiz then presented her with the ring and the couple kissed awkwardly in the cramped cabin.
Delta treated all passengers on the flight with champagne to celebrate the engagement. It also surprised the couple with a free trip for their honeymoon, WGN reported.
"It was magical to say the least and it's been a fairy tale from the moment we met. I can't say how elated and lucky I feel," Williams said.