Fodor's 100 Hotel Award winners

By Katia Hetter, CNNUpdated 27th September 2013
Whether you're seeking a blissful beach retreat, a funky conversion or the perfect exotic hideaway, there's a hotel for nearly everyone on the third annual Fodor's 100 Hotel Awards, released Friday.
This year's winners came from 43 countries, with Europe dominating the list with 30 hotels and the United States coming in second with 28 hotels. The list also includes newcomers from Myanmar and Colombia.
Fodor's 500 global contributors nominated 4,000 hotels from the 17,000 properties they review annually, which include Fodor's Choice picks. Fourteen Fodor's editors chose the winners from the nominations.
Award winners fell into one the following eight categories: Blissful beach retreats, creative conversions, culinary gems, enduring classics, exotic hideaways, home suite homes, local characters and sleek city addresses.
"What's really nice about this list is there's something on this list for everyone. It's not just about out-of-reach options. There are interesting places for people to stay at any price point," says Arabella Bowen, Fodor's Travel executive editorial director. asked Fodor's to choose one hotel in each category to recommend to our readers. Click on the gallery to see if you agree with their choices.