Amazing Ferris wheels around the world

By Lauriel Cleveland, special to CNNPublished 5th August 2013
Ascending high over a city to see all that is offered is the definition of a high-flying adventure.
From Atlanta to Nanchang, China, tourists can embark on 15-minute rotations to see breathtaking views and major landmarks from high in the sky.
George Ferris created an "observation wheel" for the 1893 Chicago World's Fair, and the popularity of the wheel took off. For years, designers and manufacturers have built wheels around the world, aiming to have the tallest and most memorable Ferris wheels they can.
Perfect for a simple date, or a family affair, Ferris wheels offer something more for the high altitude-seeking traveler.
Not sure which Ferris wheel to hop on first? Check out our gallery of the world's most fabulous wheels to find inspiration.