Eat like a local: 10 picks from around the U.S.

By CNN StaffPublished 8th March 2013
We all want to feel like we belong when we travel, and what better way than to eat as the locals do?
Travel + Leisure and CNN paired up to create a list of 100 places to eat like a local. And we asked for your recommendations of the best, most authentic spots for visitors to feel like insiders when they're on the road.
We received hundreds of iReports from people who wanted to shine the foodie spotlight on their all-time best picks, from hole-in-the-wall hot dog stands to elegant cocktail lounges. From those, we've chosen our 10 favorites above.
Check out the definitive list of 100 places to eat like a local -- including these 10 iReport picks -- in the April 2013 issue of Travel + Leisure or on the web here.