Ride all Disney World rides in one day

By Katia Hetter, CNNPublished 17th November 2014
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Who in their right mind would try to ride every single Walt Disney World ride in one day?
It took Shane Lindsay and Ted Tamburo 17 hours, logging 22 miles and riding 46 rides, they told CNN affiliate WKMG Local 6.
A childhood dream of the long-time friends, Lindsay and Tamburo tried to accomplish their goal last year but a storm ruined their plans.
"If you're an average guest here on vacation this is not something you want to be doing," Lindsay said. "It's very much like running a marathon throughout the day."
And don't try it with the kids, they said. Can you imagine running past the gift shop or ice cream parlor to make your 37th ride?
Riding every ride was a childhood dream of two friends.
Gene Duncan/Disney Parks via Getty Images
They started at Hollywood Studios in the morning and rode all the open rides at Walt Disney World's three other parks, too: Epcot, Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom.
The weather cooperated this year, and their strategy of fast passes, single rider lanes and time management paid off. They kept moving and kept hydrated by filling up their water bottles and eating from their supply of energy bars.
"If you sat down in a vehicle of some kind and it moved you even a few feet we considered that a ride," said Lindsay.