Enchanting marine sculptures made from washed ashore plastic

Updated 2nd September 2016
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Enchanting marine sculptures made from washed ashore plastic
Written by By Jacopo Prisco, for CNN
These sculptures started their life as everyday items: bottles, bags, boxes that were at some point thrown away and became marine pollution.
They finally ended up on a beach in Oregon, where they were collected by volunteers at the request of the Washed Ashore project, a non-profit organization that uses art to educate about environmental conservation.
The project started in 2010 and since then about 40,000 pounds of waste plastic - enough to fill a shipping container - have been collected and turned into giant sea life sculptures depicting the very creatures that are threatened by the debris.
Angela Haseltine Pozzi
Angela Haseltine Pozzi Credit:
Artist Angela Haseltine Pozzi kicked off Washed Ashore in Bandon, Oregon seven years ago with the help of volunteers: "One day i saw this long mosaic lane of plastic spilling up on my favorite beach. I saw all these people picking up shells along the shoreline, and I though 'Those people need to pick up the trash instead,'" she told CNN.
There are now around 70 sculptures. Washed Ashore has a permanent exhibit in Bandon, Oregon, with itinerant exhibits around the US.
Sculptures will be on display until 5 September at the Smithsonian's National Zoo in Washington, DC, and until 25 September at the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta, Georgia.