Ernesto Neto reaches into Rio's natural world

Updated 9th August 2016
Ernesto Neto reaches into Rio's natural world
This segment is taken from the CNN Style show.
Rio de Janeiro is a city of juxtapositions: where raw, organic beauty and man-made wonders meet in near perfect harmony.
Internationally-acclaimed sculptor Ernesto Neto embraces this equation, channeling it into his rich and intricate installations. Born and raised in Rio, Neto says the city's botanical gardens are his inspiration -- its structured take on nature like an installation itself.
"You have this connection to the forest," he says. "You have the dimension of trees, the light crossing the trees, making shadows and sprouting light. You have pieces of pollen, pieces of leaves moving around... this idea that we are inside of something."
Taking this ethos, Neto's body of interactive work has propelled him around the world since the mid-1990s, showing at the Guggenheim, Rome's Museum of Contemporary Art and the Tate Modern in London. Combining hard and soft elements brought together by handcrafted of textiles, the work has a universal message, the artist suggests.
"The art is about the spirituality of the human being in this planet and how we are connected to [it]," Neto says, "and nature is the key point."
"Rio is a city that flows," he says. "Nature is so strong here... it's very important."
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