Some of the world's best (and strangest) photographs for sale at Photo Shanghai

Published 11th September 2015
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Some of the world's best (and strangest) photographs for sale at Photo Shanghai
Written by Stephy Chung, CNN
A growing demand for high-end art among wealthy Chinese investors has resulted in a raft of new art fairs and auctions throughout the country -- but it's not only art that's benefiting from China's new found spending power.
This weekend, photo enthusiasts will flock to Photo Shanghai, the first international art fair dedicated to photography in the Asia-Pacific region.
Attendance at last year's inaugural fair surprised its founder Scott Gray, CEO of the World Photography Organization. "We were at capacity. Over 25,000 people showed up and all major artworks were sold. It was very encouraging," explains Gray.
According to Gray the fair's breakout success might be attributed to photography's easy accessibility, compared to the more exclusive world of fine art. "People enjoy photography; they digest it daily. You don't need a course in art history to understand it."
The price point is also more accessible compared to traditional art fairs. Gray estimates that on average, photos at this year's event will sell from $1000 to $9000 dollars, opening it up to middle class collectors.
The 2015 fair, which will be held at the Shanghai Exhibition Centre, showcases work from a mix of emerging and established artists from the East and West.
It includes works by some of the world's most famous photographers -- think Terry O'Neill and David LaChappelle, and big name international galleries, such as Gagosian Gallery. Over 50 international galleries from 20 countries will participate.
Up-and-coming photographers, such as Chinese artist Chen Qiulin, whose nostalgic works wrestle with themes of China's rapid urbanization, will also feature.
"We are anticipating a lot of Chinese collectors will come to buy photos from new Chinese artists," Gray says, of the trend in purchases. "We have galleries from Los Angeles to Berlin to Beijing -- there's a wonderful variety."