Is this the world's next top supermodel?

Updated 25th July 2016
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Is this the world's next top supermodel?
Written by Allyssia Alleyne, CNN
What will the world's next top model look like? In the current fashion climate, it's becoming increasingly hard to predict. "Classically beautiful or handsome models will always work, but more and more we are seeing that our more individual looking, quirky models are doing really well," says Karen Diamond, director of renowned London agency Models 1.
"Certain casting directors, designers and photographers have always made brave choices, but those choices are now crossing over into more commercial areas of the industry."
Founded in 1968, Models 1 has represented the likes of Twiggy, Penelope Tree, Linda Evangelista, Erin O'Connor and Yasmin Le Bon, models who has finessed their unique looks into lasting careers.
And at a one-night-only exhibition at London's Protein Studios on July 21, the agency revealed the most promising new faces on their roster who could -- if luck is on their side -- find similar success.

Embracing individuality

Aimed at the city's art directors, casting directors and photographers, the exhibition was primarily meant to promote the new models, many of whom are still students. But it also showed how fashion's rigid standards are loosening.
Captured in surreal photo-illustrations by fashion photographer Jesse Laitinen, the models chosen have distinctive looks -- including a variety of skin tones, freckles, and natural hair, features that are still underrepresented in the industry.
"Individuality is always what has set the top models apart from the pack, and now, in a social media driven world, authenticity is the key" Diamond says.
"I think this is down to the power of social media as the consumer is saying what they like, not just being told what to like by the aesthetic choice of a client."
Check out the gallery above to see Models 1's most promising new faces.