The renowned Japanese street devoted to denim

Published 27th December 2017
The renowned Japanese street devoted to denim
Written by CNN Staff
Denim-obsessed travelers from all around flock to the Kojima district of Okayama, Japan -- and, after wandering the aptly named Jeans Street and its surrounding area, it's clear why.
Here, denim is woven into the city's cultural fabric: For the last 50 years, artisans have crafted the world's most luxurious jeans in Kojima's mills and workshops.
Today, a variety of denim brands have set up shop on Jeans Street, complemented by such offerings as denim-themed ice cream, vending machines and murals.
"At first Momotaro was the only jeans shop running on the street," said Tatsushi Tabuchi, general manager of the high-end label Momotaro Jeans. "About 50,000 visited in 2010, but now it has become more than 300,000."
Watch the video above to find out more about Japan's denim capital.