13 hot-as-hell Instagram accounts from LA artists

Published 7th August 2015
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Mayan Toledano
13 hot-as-hell Instagram accounts from LA artists
There's little doubt in the hype-obsessed art press that Los Angeles is currently the world's hottest location, with a new gallery opening each month and young artists clamoring to get a foothold -- and, at long last, shunning New York.
But nowhere could be hotter than a sardine-tin room in L.A.'s Virgil Village, where the AC does nothing and the crowd has no choice but to stand nose-to-canvas with 50 photographs, drawings, paintings, and digital artworks by a new generation of Californian creatives.
Sunday gallery, a 20-foot-wide room reached from a back garden staircase, (through somebody's living room) is barely big enough to contain the 47 exhibitors whose group show launched on 30 July.
So when a crush of guests turn up, too, the thermometer shatters.
This is what happens when you invite four-dozen artists making shimmering square-shaped imagery perfect for Instagram: their followers -- running into the thousands, tens-of-thousands, and hundred-thousands -- arrive in force, IRL.
24-year-old Adi Rajkovic, the curator of "Hot in Here," as the exhibition was (inevitably) titled, discovered them all on the social media platform before forming the idea for the show.
"We wanted to have a big group show that included all the artists I was discovering on Instagram [and] a lot of artists I knew that were all making a lot of amazing work," says Rajkovic, who co-founded the gallery in 2014.
"Instagram has been really important," she adds. "I learned about whole new worlds."
Flick through the gallery at the top to see 13 artists -- all young, female, and lighting up Instagram -- you should be adding to your daily scroll.