From Art Deco to Usonian: An illustrated guide to architecture history
Published 22nd April 2016
 federico babina art deco
From Art Deco to Usonian: An illustrated guide to architecture history
This article was originally published by The Spaces, a digital publication exploring new ways to live and work.
Do you have trouble telling the difference between Modernism and Metabolism? Can't decide if a building is Bauhaus or Brutalist?
Illustrator Federico Babina is on hand to help with his new 16-image series breaking down the major design movements of recent decades.
What superheroes' homes look like -- in the eyes of illustrator Federico Babina
"Architecture changes with society, it follows society and sometimes guides it," he says. "It's easy to see the changes of society through the mutation of spaces we inhabit."
His latest "Archistyle" series -- following on from his superhero-design crossover in "Interheroes" -- depicts the architectural traits unique to each movement, from the modular structures of Metabolism to the zany shapes of Postmodernism.
Adds Babina: "Some simple geometry, the use of color, the mention of materials, typography and decorations are the ingredients that generate a composition which is a small tribute to architecture."
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