Cars, hotels and cities: Incredible designs cut from ice

Updated 4th January 2017
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Cars, hotels and cities: Incredible designs cut from ice
Written by Zahra Jamshed, CNN
Contributors Stella Ko, CNN
From the Canadian Prairies to the lakes of Siberia, artists around the world are using an unconventional material -- ice -- in creative ways.
Some, like American artists Jim Denevan and Sean Yoro, produce their works outdoors.
Denevan creates geometric patterns on surfaces across the world. In 2010, he traced life-sized circles onto the frozen Lake Baikal in Siberia. Yoro, on other hand, used ice to send a message.
Yoro recently painted haunting images of faces directly onto melting ice floes in Iceland and Canada, to raise awareness about climate change.
Others have used ice to show innovation.
This year, British artist Anish Kapoor was invited to design a warming hut, in Winnipeg, Canada for an art and architecture competition. The hut's design is composed entirely out of blocks of ice.
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