Super-rich Saudi arrives in London with fleet of gold cars

Updated 30th March 2016
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Super-rich Saudi arrives in London with fleet of gold cars
"London's streets are paved with gold," goes the old saying. And this week, the legend held true.
Among the city's red double-decker buses and black cabs, gleaming gold cars lined the roads -- believed to be the personal fleet of a visiting young Saudi man.
Qatar's first homegrown supercar feels the heat for its distinctive design
The four luxury cars, each wrapped in gold vinyl, have an estimated total value of more than $1.8 million.
Among them was a hefty six-wheel Mercedes, valued at £370,000 ($534,000).
Also joining the flash fleet of supercars was a Lamborghini valued at around £350,000 ($506,000) and boasting a top speed of 217mph (349 kilometers per hour).
Aston Martin's latest creation, the DB11, has been called "the most important car in the firm's 103-year existence" by Andy Palmer, the company's chief executive. Launched at the Geneva Motor Show in Switzerland, the four-seat sports GT costs a cool £155,000 ($217,000). Credit: Aston Martin
Following a number of complaints from residents in the wealthy London borough of Kensington and Chelsea about the level of noise from supercar engines, the local council has now banned motorists from revving their engines, racing, and performing stunts.
Drivers breaching the order could face fines of up to £1,000.
Though judging by the deep pockets of supercar owners, that might not be too much of a deterrent.
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