License to thrill: The coolest Bond cars of all time
Updated 26th October 2015
bond cars spectre
License to thrill: The coolest Bond cars of all time
The bespoke Aston Martin DB10 created for Daniel Craig's latest (and possibly last) outing, as the world's most famous secret agent, is everything we've come to expect from the franchise. It's wickedly fast, sexy, and well beyond the reach of anyone without a double-0 to their name.
The filming of Spectre, the 24th Bond film and the fourth to star Craig, involved the destruction of some £24 million (about $38 million) worth of cars in total, including seven DB10s -- a new record for a 007 production.
Sleek rides have, of course, always been a big part of the super spy's image. The DB10 joins a fabulous stable dating back to the early 60's and Bond's big screen debut, and is chronicled in a snazzy new coffee table book by Frederic Brun.
So how does the DB10 measure up? In a drag race it would apparently win hands down, but put into perspective the competition is pretty stiff. In the gallery above, we show our pick of the coolest Bond cars of all time.
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