City Sights Atlanta_00014824.jpg

    City Sights Atlanta

    Insiders share their favorite places for history, culture and hangouts in Atlanta.
    business traveller playing the odds c_00005524.jpg

    Air fare loopholes

    CNN Business Traveller investigates how passengers can increase the odds of finding a bargain air fare
    Travel Luxe_Kenya_00035723.jpg

    Experience the magic of Kenya

    The mysteries and majestic wilds of Kenya unfold before your eyes. Holly Firfer takes us on a luxurious vacation to this mystical land.

    The barista championship-winning coffee

    Channon Hodge & Steven Sevilla & Katia Hetter
    Counter Culture Coffee's Lem Butler shares his award-winning recipe for his Outkast-inspired "SouthernPlayalisticCadillacCoffee."

    Barista champion Lem Butler's guide to coffee

    Channon Hodge & Steven Sevilla & Katia Hetter
    Famous for his win at the 2016 US barista championships, Counter Culture Coffee's Lem Butler shows us how everything from farming to roasting to math skills combine to make an excellent coffee.
    business traveller giving back c_00011914.jpg

    Travel industry cleans up its act

    Five million bars of soap get thrown away every day in hotels across the world, says Shawn Siepler, CEO of Clean the World. Here's what he did about it
    business traveller giving back b_00062308.jpg

    Brand reputation matters

    Richard Quest explores the ways the travel industry is giving back by doing good -- and what benefits it has for the companies themselves
    business traveller giving back a_00072526.jpg

    Travel gives back

    Keeping the business traveler happy is not just about good service. Travel companies are realizing they do well by doing good.
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    Hanoi: a 'dreamy' city

    Graphic designer Lan Chi Tran and educator Bien Nguyen both use photography to document life in their home city of Hanoi.
    Travel Luxe_St. Lucia_00012128.jpg

    Travel Luxe: St. Lucia

    CNN's Kelly Bowman explores St. Lucia, an island equally as rich in natural wonders as it is in luxury accommodations.

    Imad's Syrian Kitchen

    By Bianca Britton, CNN
    Once a successful restaurateur in Syria, Imad Alarnab fled the country after the war broke out. Now he's pursuing his passion for cooking in the UK.
    vietnam beekeepers_00033112.jpg

    Vietnam's beekeepers fight back

    Vietnam is one of Asia's biggest honey exporters, with 35,000 beekeepers. Hanoi's Bee Research Center is studying ways to deal with a falling bee numbers.

    Cat Yoga - Yes, you can

    Over 60 million people came to New York City last year, but this downtown yoga class offers a quiet place to go with the flow....with cats.
    in 24 hours auckland c_00055014.jpg

    A Maori welcome in Waiheke

    CNN visits Auckland's Waiheke Island, sampling Te Matuku Bay oysters, horse trekking with a local, and experiencing a Maori welcoming ceremony