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      A picture taken on January 12, 2013 shows an Amazighan child in Anfgou in the High Atlas mountains. Morocco's indigenous Berber people, descendants of North Africa's pre-Arab inhabitants, are struggling to make their voices heard despite their ancient Amazigh-language winning official recognition in 2011 after decades of campaigning.

      The Atlas Mountains have long been home to some of North Africa's most remote villages.

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        Azi Oyourou owns one of the few natural hair salons in Abidjan. Few salons in the Ivory Coast capital know how to work with natural hair, she says. The country is currently in the midst of a growing natural hair movement.

        In Abidjan, hair can be a contentious topic. Many Ivorians are persuaded to eschew their natural hair. Afros and dreadlocks are rarely depicted on local television, and those that wear their hair naturally can be shunned from their offices.

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